AFCEA is the only professional association linking military, government, and defense and non-defense industry in the fields of communications, electronics, command and control, computer sciences, teleprocessing and intelligence system.


AFCEA is a non-profit international association founded in 1946. Today, AFCEA serves as a bridge between government requirements and industry capabilities, representing the top government, industry and military professionals in the fields of communications, electronics, intelligence, command and control and information management systems. The purpose of the Association is to provide its members a common forum for exchanging information to advance the economic security and peaceful stability of democratic nations, and to support the military preparedness necessary to maintain that security through the fields of communications, intelligence, and information systems.

AFCEA provides an ethical environment that encourages a close co-operative relationship among civil government agencies, the military and industry. Through its Journal, SIGNAL, AFCEA covers Communications, Intelligence & Information Systems disciplines extending beyond purely military aspects and addressing security in its broadest sense.


More than 130 AFCEA chapters, located around the world, give engineers, programmers, managers, government officials and military personnel continuing opportunities to exchange ideas in their specialised fields. Nearly one-half of AFCEA's chapters conduct symposia and seminars in addition to other chapter activities. Recently three new chapters have been ope-ned in Central Europe, they are situated In Prague, In Sofia and in Warsaw.

AFCEA Sponsored Conferences/Symposia AFCEA conferences provide opportunities for Communications, Intelligence & Information Systems professionals to consider problems of mutual interest through exhibits, technical panels, and presentations of professional papers from prestigious speakers. Decision makers from around the world attend AFCEA conferences for presentations, hand-on demonstrations, question and answer sessions and system solutions.

AFCEA in The Netherlands

In The Netherlands are two Chapters: The Brunssum Chapter and The Hague Chapter AFCEA The Hague Chapter has over 100 members. Several times a year we organize meetings with Government, industry and Defense representatives. The meetings are held either at a Military or Police location or at the premises of industry/institutions. At the end of each year we have our annual meeting for members with their partners, followed by our traditional end of year dinner.

AFCEA The Hague Chapter

Att: Jaap van der Lelie

Tel: +31 (70) 451 42 65

E-mail: jaap.vanderlelie at

AFCEA Europe

The AFCEA Europe office was established in 1982 to serve the European Chapters and members. Today, there are 28 Chapters in Europe that have a total of over 4300 members; 1800 of which are sponsored by 195 different firms. The AFCEA Europe office organises several symposia and Expositions, of which the yearly Brussels symposium & Exposition in October is well known.

The Association's European office supports its European operations, events and chapters, building engagement at the local level as well as internationally. It represents the association with NATO and the European Union.

Contact AFCEA Europe:

Mandy Rizzo

Manager, AFCEA Europe Events

AFCEA International

See our AFCEA International page for more information.

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